Just talk to me

Darling how are you?
Is everything okay?
Too many questions, so say?
I just want you happy,
smiling and enjoying your life,
cause it's not coming back,
no it's not.

Remember yesterday,
but live today.
Don't look too far in the future,
just be...today!
Too much preaching, so say!

I know it's hurting.
I see the pain in your eyes.
You are worth the best,
so don't get saddle with the chest,
of a man,
who hurt you inside out.

Sweetheart, I hear you,
screaming in the silence.
I'm here for you...


Postat av: Karolina

på nåt sätt känner jag mig träffad av denna dikt. <3

2008-10-13 @ 22:37:48
URL: http://karolinawelinahs.blogg.se/

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