inte bara "ännu en text"

A wakeup call for the girl 
Who has everything
The morning sun
Has a special meaning
She lives a dream that will end
When the sun goes down

She'll be alone, feeling lost
Thinking she's unknown

Down on the street
She's expecting a limousine
But it's a one way ride tonight
She'll say goodbye with a smile
Without shedding a tear

And when it ends
She'll remember her long lost friends

A final bow, a final curtain call
A graceful gesture that will fool them all
But I will make you smile again
Don't give it up for any of them
I will be there next to you
When it's over, over, I'll be there

Tell me why you're crying Miss America
Tell me why you're sad
Tell me what's hurting you so bad
I will never leave you Miss America
In your deepest despair, I'm there

I will never leave you
I will never leave you


Postat av: annett

1KOR 13:2

2008-04-03 @ 21:16:38

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